Dodging German U-boats as she darted across the Atlantic, the Queen Mary transported Winston Churchill to America & Canada for several historic meetings during and after WWII. These meetings including the secret Atlantic Conference & Charter with President Roosevelt, the signing of the D-Day Declaration, and his famous 'Iron Curtain' trip to Fulton, Missouri with President Truman. Churchill once dubbed Queen Mary his "headquarters at sea" and believed that she, along with the Queen Elizabeth, had shortened WWII by at least a year.
Production Company: Cardinal Films
Director: Job Hall
Director of Photography: Mark Bella
Executive Producer: Chris Wilmoth
Producer: Job Hall
Gaffer: Jonathan Spencer
Post Production: Cardinal Films
Editor: Job Hall
Sound Mix & Design: Defacto Sound
Music: Clark Rhee, Keen Collective, Marmoset, Adi Goldstein
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